Sunday, July 12, 2009

Reunion 27 Jun 2009

The short reunion has been held on 27th of Jun 2009 at KFC Pasir Mas...Only 8 of us come and join that reunion. Others, they have something to do. And some of them, they still at their university. On that day, we decide to have a reunion that all of us can come and join... Hisyam Safien suggest that we will have reunion during hari raya. And we must to ask Hisyam our class monitor whether he want to be PM ( Program Manager ) or not. We must to have an organization of renion to make sure the coming reunion, all of us can join...
Hmm.....what else?
Nothing to say, but if any of us have new idea, just send the email to
Hopefully, i can see all ex 5 ibnuhayyam 2005. See u all!!!!!

From left: Lutfi, Helmi, Farouq and Hisyam Safien.

From left: Illiana, Syazwani, Marhaini Suriana and Nurul Aizal Akmal.
Any mistake, i'm say sorry...

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